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Keisuke Matsuda, M.D.








2013   大阪大学大学院医学系研究科・再生誘導医学教室 (玉井克人教授)

2014-2015 大阪大学免疫学フロンティア研究センター・免疫ネットワーク研究室 (華山力成独立准教授)

2015-現在  大阪大学大学院生命機能研究科・パターン形成教室 (近藤滋教授)

2018/01-03 Department of Computer Science, University of Calgary (Prof. Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz)


  1. Iguchi R., Ono M., Shibata M., Takano H., Kida H., and Matsuda K.
    Buffon's leaf problem.
    Mathematics Magazine (accepted)

  2. Matsuda K., Gotoh H., Adachi H., Inoue Y., and Kondo S.
    Computational analyses decipher the primordial folding coding the 3D structure of the beetle horn.
    Scientific Reports, 11, 1017 (2021) link

  3. Adachi H., Matsuda K., Niimi T., Kondo S., and Gotoh H.
    Genetical control of 2D pattern and depth of the primordial furrow that prefigures 3D shape of the rhinoceros beetle horn.
    Scientific Reports, 10, 18687 (2020) link

  4. Adachi H., Matsuda K., Nishida K., Hanson P., Kondo S., and Gotoh H.
    Structure and development of the complex helmet of treehoppers (Insecta: Hemiptera: Membracidae).
    Zoological Letters, 6, 3 (2020) link

  5. Chiang C.H., Pan S.C., Yang T.S., Matsuda K., Kim H.B., Choi Y.H., Hori S., Wang J.T., Sheng W.H., Chen Y.C., Chang F.Y., and Chang S.C.
    Healthcare-associated infections in intensive care units in Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan: recent trends based on national surveillance reports.
    Antimicrobial Resistance & Infection Control, 7, 129 (2018) link

  6. Adachi H., Matsuda K., Niimi T., Inoue Y., Kondo S., and Gotoh H.
    Anisotropy of cell division and epithelial sheet bending via apical constriction shape the complex folding pattern of beetle horn primordia.
    Mechanisms of Development, 152, 32-37 (2018) link

  7. Matsuda K.*, Gotoh H.*, Tajika Y., Sushida T., Aonuma H., Niimi T., Akiyama M., Inoue Y., and Kondo S.
    Complex furrows in a 2D epithelial sheet code the 3D structure of a beetle horn. *equal contribution
    Scientific Reports, 7, 13939 (2017) link


  1. Gotoh H., Adachi H., Matsuda K., and Laura C.L.
    Epithelial folding determines the final shape of beetle horns.
    Current Opinion in Genetics and Development, 69, 122-128 (2021) link


2014, 2015 岸本基金奨学助成金​ link


2021 大阪大学医学部附属病院 初期研修医奨励賞

​2019 大阪大学医学部・医学系研究科 山村賞 link

2015 ​大阪大学未来基金 教養教育優秀賞 link


2019- 広島大学附属高等学校課題研究 指導助言者 (内容はこちら)


医師免許, 基本情報技術者, 英検 準2級, HSK 3級, FP 3級

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